Terms of Service

Terms of Service
You, the buyer, agree:
1- You understand Maryland Rent Notices, LLC (T/A RentCourtAgent) is not a law firm and only acts as landlord(s) agent in limited scope court proceedings. You understand if you have any legal questions, comments, or concerns, you will consult an attorney.
2- You have read the Rent Court 101 packet if you are filing cases in Baltimore City.
3- You have read the Rent Court 102 packet if you are filing cases in Baltimore County and Harford County.
4- You understand that the fee you pay for a failure to pay rent notice (FTP) covers first (1st) representation in court, unless otherwise stated and additional appearances for a case, if available, will cost an additional fee to be determined at a later time.
5- Baltimore County failure to pay rent notice (FTP) are filed on the 3rd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Any filings that don't make it by these times, will be held until the 3rd of the next month.
6- You grant RentCourtAgent the right to amend your filing to assure it is filed legally and in line with local, County, State, and United States of America law.
7- If there are any errors you, the buyer, enter into forms on our website and/or our service providers websites, including but not limited to the tenant(s) name, address, amounts due, special court proceedings, it is not the duty of RentCourtAgent to fix/correct/amend your filing.
8- All sales are final, there is no refund policy.
9- RentCourtAgent offers no warranty.
10- You, the buyer, agree you are 18 years or older, not subject to the Child Online Privacy Act, and are the authorized owner of the credit card/PayPal/Venmo/Cash App/Zelle used to make any purchases. Any buyer that violates this term of service may be liable for civil and/or criminal legal prosecution.
11- If you need to contact RentCourtAgent with any questions, comments or concerns, you may contact us by email at admin@rentcourtagent.com. Please include your name, address, email address, telephone number, and (if applicable) order number.
12- You, solemnly affirm under the penalty of perjury that within the last 30 days, you checked the tenant(s) military status at https://scra.dmdc.osd.mil/scra/#/home and found that the tenant(s) is/are not in the active military service.
13- I do solemnly affirm under the penalty of perjury that this property is properly licensed in accordance with any local, state, and national laws.
14- We do not accept and do not use photos of documents for court evidence including but not limited to leases, ledgers, lead certificates, rental licenses, and emails.
15- These terms of service were created on, 11/26/2020 , went into effect 01/01/2021, and were last updated on 09/17/2022.