Concierge Service

Bronze Level

1- Sending Notice of Intent within 48 Hours
2- Automatically filing Failure to Pay Rent
3- Getting soonest possible court date
4- First representation in FTP case
5- Notification of out come of your case

Silver Level

Includes bronze level plus:
1- Filing of Warrant of Restitution
2- Filing of Warrant on first day possible
3- Scheduling Eviction Date (Baltimore City)

Gold Level

Includes bronze and silver levels plus:
1- Notice of Intent & mailing FREE
2- Eviction posting and mailing
3- Eviction posting photo
4- Mailing eviction packet to you


Bronze Level: $130 deposit ($10 to produce and mail Notice of Intent, $30 court costs, 3 hours at $30 per hour)*

Sliver Level: $240 deposit ($10 to produce and mail Notice of Intent, $80 in court costs, 5 hours at $30 per hour)*

Gold Level: $350 deposit ($80 in court costs, 9 hours at $30 per hour)*

*Price does not include costs for additional hours, parking fees, toll fees, and any costs incurred by our agency.
*No refunds are given for concierge service.

Contact Us

Office Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm, M-F
Office Number: 410-878-2939
Mailing Address: 6221 Eastern Ave #25817, Baltimore, Md 21224