Step 1- Failure to Pay Rent

Step 1 : Failure to Pay Rent

Part A:
A Notice of Intent is the new first step in taking your tenant to court for failure to pay rent. A tenant must be served with this notice first. The landlord must wait 10 days from the DATE OF RECEIPT by the tenant before they may file a failure to pay rent notice. The failure to pay rent notice must match or be less than the total on the Notice of Intent

Part B:
A failure to pay rent notice (FTP) is now the second step in getting your tenant to either pay their back rent or getting them to return the property to you. To file a failure to pay rent notice, we need your tenant(s) name, tenant(s) address, how much and for what months your tenant(s) owe rent, if your tenant is in the military, registration number (if applicable), and lead certificate (if applicable).


$89.95 includes:
1- Includes serving Notice of Intent on Wednesday (must be in by 12pm on Tuesday of the same week).
2- Filing of the failure to pay rent notice (as soon as the 10 days have passed)
3- First representation in court 

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